Hire a Flashmob in Leeds

Do you want the ultimate surprise for your event in leeds? Have you got a special event or celebration coming up? Our flashmobs in Leeds are made with this in mind. Whether you have a private party or a corporate event our Flashmob Teams can come anywhere. All our Flashmob members in Leeds are fully trained singers and dancers giving you the best quality performance. Our Flashmobs can come in any theme you wish, so whether you want the waiters to come alive or the shop assistant we can make this happen. This is the ultimate wow factor!

Dancers & Specialist acts can be added to any of our events to make them that little bit more special.

Flashmobs are becoming very trendy at the moment and are a break from the norm. Here at Totally Flirt we are always striving to create new ideas and work along side our clients to create the perfect flashmob for your event. Unlike most companies in Leeds you can extend your flashmob into a full show with state of the art sound and lighting. We have a dedicated team that go above and beyond the call of duty to make your event very special. Totally Flirt are proud to be a premier Flashmob supplier in Leeds.

Most Popular Themes

With the new wave of The Greatest Showman fans our Ringmaster act as been our biggest hit of this year and is set to stick around for a long time. this show is a great surprise for both adults and children. Our Ringmaster Flashmob can be as big or as small as you would like and you don’t have to limit yourself to just a few songs, we could carry on the party by doing a full production including songs from Moana, Queen, Hercules and many other blockbuster hits . With specialist acts, Singers and great choreography along with great sound and lighting, book this Flashmob and you will not be disappointed.

Musicals Flashmob as always been a popular choice. The best thing about this flashmob is the fact that it is so diverse. There is so much choice in the musical styles that you would like. From Chicago to Hairspray let us create the perfect Flashmob for you.

This Flashmob doesn’t need too much explanation. We aim to bring a lot of magic with this Flashmob with first class costumes, sound  – Lighting. and choreography. Perfect for all ages and lovers of Marvel or Disney. Let our team know who your favourite Character is and we will plan the perfect Flashmob for you.

Flashmob Theme Ideas

Sample Vocals

Create Your Own

If you don’t see the theme you are looking for or have an idea you think we could help you with. Get in touch and speak to one of our team. We thrive on creating new ideas and like to see ideas come to life. We do our very to make every single Flashmob idea unique to each and every customer.