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Break the mold and get your friends something a little different. That’s why the UK’s number one agency is bringing you the best in Funny Kissograms Skegness and Comedy Stripograms Skegness. We know any of our comedy strippers will be just what you are looking for. Our funny Kissograms Skegness will even be perfect if you have your granny around as its less daring. Unlike a lot of other types of acts you know that it is only going to be a laugh and a great chance to embarrass the celebrating boy or girl.

Lots of Funny Kissograms in Skegness and Stripograms to choose from

No matter what you are celebrating be it a Birthday or maybe even a Hen or Stag night or any other type of celebration this as got to be the perfect choice. Do not worry if you do not see the Stripogram or Funny kissogram you are looking for in Skegness below because we have many more on our books. if you do not find your type of funny act below then just give us a call. Book your Funny Kissograms in Skegness today from the UK’s best agency and we promise that you will get the best service possible. Please note some of these pictures are used as examples and we cannot guarantee you that they will look the same. We do promise that the quality will be the same if not better.

Try a sexy Male Kissogram in Skegness

It’s now time to get serious by having one of our Flirt lads act as one of your Kissograms at your birthday party or Hen doo. This service can be a special treat for your friend that needs that little more than your everyday 2 minute Kissogram that you normally get in the Skegness area. All our Kissograms aim to be different and make sure we go that extra mile to make sure that the celebrating girl or boy continues the night with a smile. Order a sexy male Kissogram in Skegness today from Flirt and you can be rest assured that you are getting a quality service from a quality company.

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  • Simon Watton

    Hi, not sure if your able to help, we’re looking for a kissogram type visit, to attend a Xmas party of 40 people. . but to do some specific bits for us, we’re looking for the person to be dressed in full police officer uniform and be very convincing….

    Is this something your able to help with?

    Obviously if you where able to supply somebody we wd need to catch up with them as to what we would be looking for….

    Please let me know.


    23rd September 2017 at 11:18 pm

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