Ladies Nights Blackpool

When you think of Ladies nights Blackpool you instantly think that it is going to be tacky and filled with out of date entertainment. Not any more now Flirt have put together the ultimate Entertainment for you filled with the sexiest entertainers around. Ladies Nights Blackpool show would be perfect for any Event from charity Nights and Hen parties in fact no matter what you are celebrating you will be getting the very best show.

Our Ladies Nights Blackpool is fully choreographed and is non stop from the moment it starts to the moment you all go home. Our Show has many tricks and stunts within it and when our entertainers are not on stage they are out the front making sure that all clients are kept entertained. We will go beyond our duties to make sure that everything goes the way you planned it. Now all you have to do is call us and we’ll do the rest. You don’t even have to pay for a DJ or compare or even any other entertainment for your Ladies Nights Blackpool because we also provide that as well at a fraction of the price. We will also provide you with state of the art P.A equipment and lights.

You will only be getting the best acts around. The pictures you see on the poster will be the acts that will be turning up. Our company really do want to keep your custom and that’s why were always doing what can be done to make things better.