Ladies Nights Glasgow

Have you ever wanted to go to a ladies nights Glasgow and have the best Male Strippers in Glasgow on the stage then look no further. The Flirt Show is coming to your area and we aim to make sure that the night goes out with a bang because our Ladies Nights Glasgow is an all singing and dancing event. With very sexy acts we promise that you will not be disappointed. Our Ladies Nights Glasgow are very fresh and different and also fully Choreographed and includes fire and lap dances and of course the best Strippers in Glasgow that we could find. There is always something to keep you entertained on our Flirt show and when Flirt are not on stage we make sure they are out front entertaining you lucky Ladies in there top-less waiter outfits. If you are a venue holder or you fancy doing something different for an Ann Summers or Birthday or even a Hen night or Charity night then get in touch and be ready to be amazed.

Yes if you’re after the perfect Ladies night in your Local or even club or stadium then the Flirt team can provide you with everything you need. No venue is too big or small and you will always still get the same quality of service and of course no matter where you are Flirt will give you the ultimate Ladies nights Glasgow as to offer. We want all your nights to be a success so anything we can do to advertise we will. Our help will include social media support like Facebook and Twitter and sending you over large posters that you can print out time and time again. Book a Ladies night in Glasgow today.