Singing Waiters Birmingham

There’s a little surprise that you want to get for the celebrating girl and you want something a little different. Why not try our very popular Singing Waiters Birmingham. We have a great team of Singing Waiters in Birmingham just waiting to entertain you at any kind of event ranging from Hen parties to Weddings and Birthday Parties. When you book one of our Singing Waiters Birmingham you are able to specify what song you would like them to sing. We do ask though that you give us at least one day’s notice so our Performing waiters Birmingham can prepare and be on top form for your party or event.

Singing Waiters Birmingham the best in the business

Not only do you get to pick the song but you can also have our waiters dressed in the costume of your choice ranging from the sexy Officer and a gentleman costume to the standard Collar and Cuff With or without trousers. We have set a very high standard with all our Singing Waiters Birmingham. So in order to make sure you get the best possible service we have a wide range of Singing waiters in all different shapes and sizes and also singing ability. You get to meet and talk with your Singing Waiter Birmingham before he performs which will give you that little more assurance that you have exactly what you booked. Give our team a call today and let us talk through your options for your Singing Waiter Birmingham.

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