The Comeback Festival

About Tribute Festival

The Best Multi Tribute Show Around

Well you asked for it so it’s only fair we give it to you. Our multi tribute show is a very popular choice for Festivals, Hotels, Holiday parks and much more. This fast paced show is designed to get everyone up dancing and singing along. All tributes are part of our production company and are musical theatre trained to the highest of standards. Our multi tribute festival is a well thought out piece of entertainment that will be different from all the rest. We always think outside the box and like to bring you something new with everything we produce. With this show you don’t have to stick with the same lineup all the time and it can be suited towards your venue and clientele. This show normally comes with 4 different acts that will perform choreographed group and solo routines which will include an upbeat DJ service. Acts included but not restricted in this show are Freddie Mercury, Lady GAGA, Cher, Steps, Spice Girls, ABBA, Robbie Williams, Elton John and moreeee.